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Sister Shiny, MSA
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Background History: Mount Abu is at the pinacle of the Aravalli ranges that divide Rajasthan in two parts. Mount Abu is supposed to be the abode of the gods. Legendary History has it that the ‘ Yagni Kund’ of the Rishi Munnis was in Mount Abu from which sprang the mighty Chouhans. It is of historical importance and of tourist attraction. It is famous for its ancient but beautiful Jain Temple- The Dilwara Temple. It is a hill-station of Rajasthan with its forested slopes, pleasant cool climate, and the famous Nakki Lake.

The Nuns of St. Mary of the Angels were running a residential school here, on one of the hill-tops from 1940. They had brought up the school to high school level, sending up students for the senior Cambridge exams. Unfortunately their efforts failed to bring in sufficient students. In 1950 when the school closed for its winter break, the total number of students were a bare 40. This was very discouraging and they decided to close down their school and move off.

Bishop Leo D’mello, the then Bishop of Ajmer –Jaipur requested Sister Clare the newly elected Superior General of our Congregation to take over the educational apostolate in Mount Abu.

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